About K Grip

K Grip Golf Grip

About the K Grip Golf Grip

K Grip replaces the regular circular grip, the edge fitted to the putter in line with the shaft of the clubface edge. The players’ grip or hand placement does not change, your left arm is square to the target naturally as you are slightly open to the target.

The nature of this patented product was inspired and taken from the game of hurling to increase and grow golf, with all its control, definition, power, and accuracy applied to the science of golf resulting in a natural game and stress free. The K Grip feels right in the human hand to suit the distal and medical phalanges of the hand and gave instant results bettering my theory. If hurling had a circular grip the game would crash overnight. Placing the K Grip to suit golf may do the opposite.

Too many players are losing interest in the game of golf and the reasons are not their fault as golf needs to change for the greater good.